Fell in a mud pit....what should I do now???

I tried to make it through a mud pit but i did not quite make it. I fell off my bike (99 YZ400F) and the bike got stuck. the bike fell in the mud but was not submerged. The breather tube was submerged and I only tried to kick it over 2 times then i realize how stupid I was being and stopped kicking. I have not started the bike yet and I was wandering what I should next???

While search this topic on TT.... I found that I should change the oil and oil filter and clean out the breather tube......

What else should I do????

Am I thinking too far into the situation???

Thanks for your help Fellow TT'ers

Patrick M.

A complete cleaning. Make sur all breather tubes are clean. Disconnect them where the attach to the engine, see if any mud got sucked in. If not, simply cear the tubes, else, keep going and cleaning till you are at a spot where not mud migrated. Probably will be minimal, but the few minutes it takes to check and clean are worth it, if only for peace of mind.

if nothing was ingested through the air filter, through the carb., then into the engine,...and nothing was sucked up into the cam cover via the breather tube(as mentioned above). a good washing would be all thats needed. changing the oil and filter would be done only if it was due to be serviced

Mud up the vent hose sounds like your most likely potential issue. Pop off the valve cover and look for signs fo any mud in there. If there's none then you're probably OK, but if there is some mud then you should really clean the motor out good before starting it. Assuming you find mud, then if it's not that valuable to you then you can rinse it out with something (oil, solvent, etc..), but if it's very valuable to you then I would go the disassemble and steralize route. Good luck!

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