Help Required - Rear Shock

Whilst working on my 99 YZ400 I noticed the relay arm bolt (bottom rear shock bolt) was sticking out about 10mm. I raised the rear wheel off the ground to replace the bolt and nut. I did not realise that no nut was required I assumed it was sheared off. The bolt is meant to go through the shock and screw into the other side of the relay arm, therefore no nut is required. Once I tightened the bolt and nut I lowered the rear wheel onto the ground. I sat on the bike and swingarm fouled against the nut. I realised I made a mistake by putting the nut on there and when i got off bike (HERE IS THE PROBLEM) the rear shock raised very slowly. (first time it's ever done this)


Q1. Have I damaged the shock or nitrogen cylinder by sitting on the bike.


Q2. Am I able to fill or re-pressurize the nitrogen cylinder.


Help required as I'm meant to go riding on Saturday.

You may of bent the linkage arm. Remove and check for flatness. While these links are off, lift and lower the wheel, does it goes smoothly?

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