Fork/wheel turning

I am having a little trouble. I put on a scotts damper kit, complete with top triple trees and mounts. All else stock. When I drop the bike, even if it is minor, the front wheel isn't lined up with the bars. I can usually turn the wheel back (wheel between my knees and pull on the bars). I have retorqued all bolts to spec...same problem...any ideas? thanks.

First of all...Stop Dropping the Bike.... :D

Have you checked to ensure that the torque on the handlebar mounts are correct. There are only three points of alignment here...The lower clamp, the upper clamp and the handlebar mounts in the upper clamp. You are using a torque wrench and the manual for the torque spec right?

Surely you didn't raise or lower the forks in the clamps beyond the designated area that pre-set on the forks for the clamps to attain proper grip .... did you?

Axle nut torqued to 90 ft lbs ? pinch bolts on both sides torqued down?

Bonzai :)

First of all...I wish I could stop dropping the bike. :)

I torqued the top triple tree bolts to 17 ft/lbs. and the bottom triple trees to 14 ft/lbs. I checked the handle bar mounts...they are good no moving there.

I have had this problem for awhile. I recently moved the forks 5mm up. Still well within the limits. But, it did it when they were in the stock position.

I will recheck the axle nuts torque and the pinch bolts...hadn't thought of that.

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