oil cooler

Hi. Fitted a Clark tank to my 650L and I have noticed that without the original airflow scoops, indicated oil temp on my gauge has risen quite a bit.

Can anyone recommend an oil cooler modification?

Go to eBay and buy a 450r oil cooler, their about twenty bucks and have mounting brackets. Already on them. All you have to do is cut the lines off at the metal tubing and thread the tubing with an 1/8ntp die and your ready for fittings and lines :applause:

That cooler of the 450 a flat one like one on the 400ex?

That cooler of the 450 a flat one like one on the 400ex?

yes it is.

Ive thought about that myself just figuring a good place to mount is whats making me think about not using one of those. You got any ideas of where to mount that its not out in open like they do on a Slowsuki 650 inside that shroud on tank. Want to use it cus its a nice big cooler that would work awesome but just a bit big.

i have seen people mount them right above the front fender in front of the forks. if you worried about damage i guess you could put some louvers from a radiator over the cooler to deflect rocks and such.

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