Off-Road Tour Guide Companies

If you guys were going to start an off-road tour guide company in the western US, where would you operate it? (Aside from California)

Who do you think is running the best operation right now?


I would love to do that exact thing right where I live. Most think that Washington State is wet and soggy, but where I live, it rains less than 14 inches a year, and I have damn near any climate/terrain you could imagine within an hours travel time, at the most. Also, jet skiing on the Columbia River and snowmobiling on the Clockum range is also available. Two motorized activities in a single day, no matter what the season. I just gotta get off my butt and make something happen.

I wonder what the permit requirements would be for providing guide service through State and Federal lands?

As for an existing operation, I have spoke with David from many times. His company is based out of Denver, Co, and I think they do a very comprehensive job. They not only offer a wide variety of off-road adventures, they also cater to on-road trips, with bike rentals available. I would talk to him if you want the low-down.

That is what I would do with my life, and I would love every minute of it!

Hopfully, you are looking to provide some backing for an endeavor like this?!?!?!?



Obviously I'm a bit biased, but I would have to think CO would be near the top of the list for great places to start a tour guide company. Lots of tourism, as well as people moving here all over the place (most from CA an TX). You would have to make a determination as to your target market-and that would very much dictate whether you were based somewhere in the mtns (Breckenridge/Vail area) or could get by based out of Denver, Colo Sgs, or Ft. Collins. I would assume it's big $$ to get started, especially in the mtn areas, but they charge a bunch for their services and the good ones are booked ALL the time...

I would like to tour some of Colo next summer. We'll see. I'm not looking to fund someone else's operation without being the guy in the saddle a good portion of the time. It would be a great business in the right location after the kids are out of college and when I've had enough of California's politics. What am I saying? I've already had enough. They've ruined this state for good, I'm afraid. We have one party in nearly complete control, and they're running it broke and clamping down on personal freedoms at a staggering pace. I feel like the little Dutch kid with his finger in the dike, waiting for it to burst.

Give it about 5 years, I'll be ready. I have to go somewhere that my buddy and I can also run a hunting and fishing guide service at the same time.

Maybe Montana, maybe Idaho?


I saw a special on Elite Motorcycle Tours outside of Moab. It looked pretty damn cool and they really took the guys on some nice trails. I've been trying to find one of the trails mentioned and nobody seems to know about it.

One really nice aspect of their service was that they are right at the trail system. You don't have to drive very far at all and you can use their bikes or bring your own.

It seems that you would need 2 things, great riding areas and year round riding to help keep the business steady and profitable. Idle bikes and employees cost a lot of cash.


This is the place! It is a Conservative Haven here. I swear, during this election time of year, there is not one single sign, other than GOP, to be seen. If you like a one party system, this is your place. We have no environmental issues here, access is not restricted hardly anywhere and guns in the back of your truck is almost required equipment.

When we were bombing Afganistan, some people lined a busy street with some signs that said "Got Milk?" "Got Food?" "Got Fresh Drinking Water?" "Well, they don't. Stop the Bombing in Afganistan" They lasted about 30 minutes, when people started throwing stuff at them as they drove by.

If you don't have conservative political views, you'll get run out of this town.

I'm telling ya, this is where you want to run that business. I'll do all the hard work (taking people out on the trail for the day) and you can make all of the fiscal desisions and payments.



I'd do Baja, tons of riding down there. All you have to do is grease a few palms. Not to mention theres great surfing and fishing. If you could get some connections I think it would be the place to be.

Brandon...Brandon....Brandon...are you trying to paint this community as conservative? You know that some of us who live here voted for Atilla the Hun, and I still think he was way to liberal. :)

Very tempting, Brandon my friend. But if I just wanted to work the business end, I'd probably start a used car lot or a machine shop. Likely more profitable than offroad tour companies.

But if you want to see how it's done, I'll invite you to my first group ride, LOL! Do you prefer scooters in the summer or snowmobiles in the winter??


PS Maybe I can talk Paul Maust, Danny Lorenze and Ron in HB into guest hosting??? How about it guys?

PS Maybe I can talk Paul Maust, Danny Lorenze and Ron in HB into guest hosting??? How about it guys?

Im riding to Laughlin this weekend, I just got back from "Sports Chalet" with my new backpack. Im pumped, Dan-Let's go!!! I'll ask the wifey for ya..... :)

Out to the garage to put that pesky light on...

I'll grab some more beers and put on some old Def Leppard!!! Sound like a perfect night huh? :D

Can't go this weekend, unfortunately. But our club is threatening to do the Old Mojave Road from Hwy 15 to the River if you are interested. Maybe this spring if Dr. Phil (no, not THAT Dr. Phil)can put together all the logistics.

So, can I count you in for assistance in guest hosting my first guided trail ride in the Montana high country???


Montana high country???

If I can get the time off from work then i'm there. The man that you need on your side is "Dan Zaknavich" here on TT. He's a talented navigator with the GPS and respected by all that know him for his skills,(and nice guy too) oh, and he's got a sweet WR also.

Great idea. Maybe I can get him to teach me how to do the GPS thing while we are toiling away on the trails of California. It's a crummy job, but someone's gotta do it, you know?


Snowmobiling or dirtbiking?

Good toss-up.

Sleds are more expensive to run and maintain, and the season is much shorter. BUT, riding sleds at night is a lot of fun, so that balances it out.

Keep me in the dirtbikes, and I am a happy man.

Brandon :)

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