Coolant Level?

Hi all, I have some problem with my coolant level in the reservoir. My coolant reservoir seems to keep rising and I often had to pour back the coolant into the radiator. Is there something wrong?

Hmm, sounds like your bike is overheating very easily.

Does it do this if you just start it and let it run for a few minutes? Or is it after a long ride?

If it is overheating then when the bike cools it should suck the fluid back into the radiator. After all, thats what the resivor is for.

Momilkman, its true that my bike runs hot easily and it happens after a prolong ride.

Chaindrive, thanks for your solutions I will try to search for any vacuum leak.

So would a pinched tube under the seat somewhere.


A leak in your cooling system (most likely radiator cap seal or overflow hose nipple) could cause this. Running hot will aggravate it.

The coolant is forced OUT by pressure/expansion. This is why I doubt you have a radiator or engine leak: you would be smoking (white) or seeing coolant in your oil or see coolant hissing out.

To return upon cool-down, however, relies upon vacuum. A slight seal leak at the cap or nipple could be "stealing" the vacuum. It probably isn't big enough to cause much leakage when the coolant is expanding. Sometimes caps just go bad and the pressure relief spring doesn't work properly both ways. Just my best guess, but I'd try a different cap. Worth a shot?

Almost forgot! Make SURE you have a vacuum tight tank hose INSIDE the reservoir that stays submerged below the coolant level. I have never looked inside the WR's tank to see if it uses a hose or a molded tube, But it MUST be below the level and airtight or this will cause the same problem: sucking air back into the radiator upon cool-down instead of coolant.

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