a piece of the 650r lives on ...

The argument thus far has been summed up as they won't because they have the CRF450's and they are winning races now that the 650 competed in before.

KTM will force Honda to build a new 700cc desert sled/light adventure bike.

If Honda still cares that is... ...the jury is still out on that.

You can also argue that you don't nec. need a large market to build a bike. Honda has built stuff for branding purposes in the past.

Not everyone bought the examples below, but they went a long way in establishing the brand...




But ultimatley I'm not convinced that Honda is even interested in doing more in the offroad segment than to do what they are currently doing...rebadge MX bikes as enduro bikes.

I'm told that they still have a big surprise planned for their 50th and that those surprises are supposed to come in every segment, so I still hold out hope.

However, based on what I see, everyday, around that company, I wouldn't be surprised if all we get from Honda is a year after year release of a mx bike with a light and a 18 inch wheel.

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