Disturbing! Booby Traps For Motorcyclists

Take a look at the link below. It is an instruction book on how to set up Booby Traps that are meant for motorcyclists. These are very disturbing and most will cause serious injury or even death. There is even one that is a small land mine using a 12 gauge shotgun shell. You have to check this out so you can be aware of what could be around the next bend in the trail.

this URL will work

Booby Traps

I saw something similiar in Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider mag many moons ago. Apparently they got it from some sort of Sierra Club handbook.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Earth-First.........old news, but still very disturbing........proves that some people are just way beyond help :)!!!!

As one other TT member states (damn, don't remember who...) "Earth-First, we'll trail ride the other planets later!!" I just love that phrase :D..........


Dodger :D :D

seen this a while back.

Some peaple are really sick.

I've seen two attempts of this nature in the last year or so, one was a cable tied a accross a track, which was spotted before any one was hurt, the second one was six sharpened sticks nailed into the ground on an angle, they caught me. I'd love to catch these basterds in the act, they'd cop a side ways helmet head butt to the head and then i'd kick there a$$ so hard they'll think they're eating chocolate!!

If you happen to catch them spay their sorry asses with military tears gas (the one that is used to spray on the face), then ride next to them with the bike and see how fast they are running :) then report back :D

Wonder where i can get that gas?? maybe we can tie them between two 426's and see wich limbs seperate first?? :):D

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