My New Baby!!

not trying to boast, but i wanted to show everyone my new heart for my trx650r racing quad. I plan on taking my ported head, fitting it with bigger valves, and putting it on this motor with a custom taper bored 43mm fcr carb. I am trying to find someone in houston who can dyno this thing for me, but when i get it going i will let you guys know how she runs. Oh and dont go get any ideas trying to buy it out from underneath me, it has already been paid for :) Too bad i had already bought a motor a couple of weeks back that i now need to get rid of :applause:

Thats going to be a rocket ship, nice find! I wont even ask what that thing is worth...:applause:

let us know how that thing runs. i have a trx650ex as well mine just doesnt have that many mods it is currently apart and is getting new piston rings (10.25:1 102mm) new gears and stage 1 Hot Cam

OHHH BABYYY!!! LOL GL with making that kick start work. How would you go about that?

OHHH BABYYY!!! LOL GL with making that kick start work. How would you go about that?

same as you would on a dirt bike frame :applause: it has been done before, even from the factory. some of you guys may remember the old suzuki quadracer atv's had backward kickstarters just like dirtbikes.

So it works with kicking backwards or you have to mod to kick foreward?

backwards, using the xr rear brake pedal and master cylinder.

hey motox, i would like to discuss some things with you if you dont mind. i am gonna send you a pm, thanks.

:applause: Dude that is Cool!:)

Need to list all the mods before the listing expires.


This is a rare chance to purchase a fully built 680cc Honda XR650R engine built by Rob Barnum of Barnums Pro with 0 hours on build and less than 15 hours on the engine since new. No expense was spared and an engine cannot be built better without selling your soul for a full HRC unit out of Team Honda's race bikes. The engine is out of a 2001 Honda XR650R that was almost brand new when it was built as a show bike for an online motorcycle parts and sales company with later plans to race it that never materialized. A hair over $20K was invested in the bike, so I'm trying to recoup a fraction of that money through parting it out versus selling it whole. Again, this engine was basically brand new when built up, and is now definitely better than new; it has never been ridden since build!

Full work (with receipts available):

*Cylinder bored and re-nikasiled to 680cc (much better and more expensive than sleeving)

*Ross 680 Ceramic-coated piston at 10.5:1 compression (engine can run on 87 or mexican gas if need be!)

*Falicon Knife-edge rod, custom fitted with XR600R oversized main bearing

*Flywheel lightened, rod balanced and true'd, and crank and flywheel MACHINE BALANCED

*Kibblewhite SS valves and valve springs, stock size

*R&D Ti retainers

*Full HRC heavy duty cam chain, upper and lower gears and all guides

*Barnums pro Midgrind Cam

*Hinson Billetproof clutch basket, HRC style clutch pack with judder spring removed

*Electrex 200watt Stator

*Applied Smog blockoff kit

*XR's only magnetic drain plug

*Everything else inspected and was told that the engine looked immaculate inside (obviously, with such low hours). Seals were also replaced as expected, as were main bearings as has to be done when an engine is split. Likewise, countershaft seal and clutch bushing were updated to current model parts.

Buyer will be provided with a photocopy of the clean/clear California title in my name as well as a photograph of the VIN on the frame (original title will be going with the street legal frame which is for sale seperately). The work alone on this engine totaled a hair over $3500 with receipts to prove it; I'm looking to get $2850 for this turn-key race engine. Please email with your phone # so that I can get back to you with any questions or to come and take a look.


Cool, thanks man

I have essentially the same motor built by Rob and it hauls ass...............reliable, fast and fun......:applause:

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