Help repacking '05/'06 stock silencer.

I am trying to repack the stock silencer on my '05. I have removed all the rivets and do not see how this thing comes apart. The core looks like it is a solid unit and the outer alluminum outer sleeve is removed. Has anyone repacked one of these units? Thanks in advance.

stock or gytr?

here is how to take apart stock

rivets at cone end, pull off cone, and pull (remove 4 bolts from the inside plate)( once its out and remove spark arrestor)

anyway some cores are riveted to the bottom of the can

take off the end cap and silencer crap

take 2 2x4's and lightly tap the can twords the open end and all the packing falls out"eventually"

most packing has a cardboard tube

slide the tube and the packing down all the way, and then pull out the tube

if no tube then either make one or take out the core and use mechanics wire to wrap around the core w/packing and slide down.

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