Stock WR silencer wanted...

To fit on my 98 YZ 400. Let me know if anyone has one they would like to unload-looking for the insert as well.

I'll post this in the "parts" section as well.


So you want a stock WR silencer...? Good, I think you need one good man, cause your bike is loud :D

Hey throw out the question sometime about best after-market silencers for power and noise. I saw a new one by M4(M4exhaust .com if you want to check it out, its Titanium and cool), but I don't know if YZ/WR silencers are compatible, then there is the 400/426/450 compatibility question. Do you know anything about any of this from your adventures on...ThumperTalk?

If I get addicted to this site, I'm knockin' heads :):D

Later -ts

You're making some pretty bold statements for this being your first post here on Thumper Talk... I'd imagine my bike wouldn't be nearly so loud if you could ever get around me-but I'll admit that it probably is pretty annoying in the back!!!! :) just kiddin... Good to see you on here though for sure!!!

And of course I know about YZ WR 400/426 compatability-this is TT, the land where all your questions are answered.

It looks from your screen name that you would be from Ohio-why then the Colorado Springs in your signature? Unless it's some science teacher mumbo jumbo that only you guys understand-some of us a got a D+ in Chemistry ya know (or cheated our way through at some point)... :D

And you should be careful, becoming addicted to TT is really pretty easy-it sneaks up on ya and you're hooked.


Hi Yzeezee,

I have a complete stock silencer for a 98 WR400. It's in good shape and I probalby won't be using it. I don't know what it's worth really but the guy I bought the bike from said he had guys offer him $100 for it.

look on ebay

pretty cheap silencers on there

got one, thanks everyone...

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