went for a fast ride

I took the 650L/SM for a ride Sunday and took my usual loop about 50 miles. at the end i took a detour and ended up on the autobahn (highway). i peged the bike and it took about 1 mile but the needle actually went past 115 and stayed there. i rode it for about 3 miles and passed a few cars. the look i got was awesome. i know i wasn't really doing 115 but it felt cool for a minute.

Seems like I've read this somewhere before....:applause:

yes i posted it in a few forums. guilty

LOL when i was in germany i never got wild on the autobahn BUT when i got back to US i did a nice 35 mile trip in like 17 mins WT F was i thinking???? Rolling 150 on a 55 mph street LOL im an idiot!!!

Where you from in Duetchland????

i live in K town near Ramstein

I thought Ramstein was a band.:applause:

funny. i have them on Ipod at my house now. Ramstein air force base usafe headquarters and no speed limits on the autobahn.

i live in K town near Ramstein

been there done that LOL i was in Baumholder. Right on!! loved that area!

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