Synthetic oil - wr426

Is it OK to start using Mobil 1 at 90 miles total, or must I continue to use dino for further break-in? And do I really have to check the frame filter at this point? At the advice of this board I have a ZipTy plug on the way.

Thanks for the advice and for the wealth of info here. As background, I last strapped my legs around a RM250 20 years ago, forgot how much fun it was when I rode my son's new Suzuki Ozark a couple weeks ago. Immediately starting looking for a 4-stroke Suzuki to trail ride with him - always owned Suzuki's. But after discovering this site and finding a couple month old 426 with 60 miles I sucked it up and bought a as new Yamaha - still hard to say. But after riding last 2 Sundays, must say it is a great bike. Cut the throttle stop last week - big difference, but had a hard time leaving the airbox cover off - so it's still there.

Oh, I am SW of Albany, NY - anyone near? Thanks

You are ok at 90 miles to start using the Mobile 1 or any other synthetic...enjoy

Bonzai :)

What the h... is dino? and why can't you use Shell / Mobil 1 at the start?

Do you guys pefer mobile 1 or a synthetic over the yamalube motor oil? Is one better to use than the other?

From what I've seen, manufacturers recomend NO synthetic until the engine is broken in. Reason I've been told is that it doesn't allow the rings and bearings to properly "wear in". After 90 miles, your engine should be suffeciently broken in, so go ahead with the synthetic.

On the other hand, is synthetic really better, especially when most of us change the oil after every hundred miles or so? Think of the additional cost. From my experience, synthetic didn't buy any performance increase. I do like to use it occasionally, however, just to clean out the engine. It is just a personal preference.

Mobile 1 is a synthetic oil. "Dino" oils are your conventional oils. Synthetics are not recommended for the break in period as it's believed they don't allow the rings to seat properly.

I'm a trailrider not really a MXer, Do you guys suggest changing my oil every 100 miles or so? And the oil filter? If I go with the factory (brass meshing) it's about 13 bucks a pop! Maybe the one from scotts might be a good investment.

Synthetic is usually thinner, meaning quicker oil pressure when starting and less friction, it also stands up to high revs better, if you want to ride like my sister, use mineral. :)

Every thing should be ok to start using Mobil - 1 . The claim is that your engine will stop wearing ,check out there web site . Less friction and heat because things slide better . It works . I use it in my 88 G L 1500 , 98 WR and car .

Synthetic is better because it has better adherance to metals even when it sit's up for awhile, causing less wear during start and warm-up operations...where Dino based oil drips off the critical components after sitting awhile. 15 to 20 seconds with no lubrication causes much more engine wear...

Bonzai :)

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