Footpeg lowering mod on 08

Since I'm 6'2", I was looking at lowering my pegs. It looks to me that if I try the standard method of switching the springs, cutting the tube off and putting it on top, etc., that the peg support (the tab that keeps it from rotating donward) will interfere with with the mounting bracket bolt.

Has anyone else tried this on an 08? I wonder if I can flip the mounting bracket or something? I'd rather not grind anything down unless I absolutely have to.


Its been over a year since I did my 06 so I don't remember all of the steps that I did but I do remember I tried everything I could to avoid grinding but I couldn't find any other way to get it to work. Just grind a little then check movement, grind a little...

Sorry to bring this old thread up , but what did you end up doing ?

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