How is the XR650 Compared to the KLR, DRZ, WR450

I am going to get back in the game and do some trail riding with my son. My old bike was a Honda XL650. GOt rid of it when I moved with the military, and I am now going to get back in the saddle. I have looked at all the bikes, and I am in such a state of confusion. Now I know that I am going to have to make a decision on whether or not I am going to go strictly dirt or both. I know that has alot to do with the bike. My question is which bike is truly the best of both worlds. I have always been a honda rider, and I was looking at the XR, but after reading the posts, the way to go seems to be the DRZ, or the WR. Does anyone have any opinions on the Honda XR? I mean how does it stack up to the others? The Kawasaki sure looks cool, but I am sure the thing ways a ton. The drz, seems to be well liked as far as performance. It also seems to be the best priced out of all. The WR, is just a sweet bike all around. If anyone could fill me in on the Honda so that I can at least narrow it down, it would be highly appreciated. :)

The KLX400 and DRZ400 are both made by Suzuki. Kawasaki just put green plastic on the bike.

The XR650R is very fast, reliable, typical Honda. It does weigh a lot compared to a WR but would probably be a better all around bike than the WR. That is if you are going to title it and ride it on the street as well as the dirt. This bike hasn't really changed since it came out in 2000.

I have a WR426 and it's awesome off road. It's much lighter than the XR650R and the suspension and brakes are set up for more aggressive riding. The ony area where my bike lacks a little is at wide open speeds. The XR650R has more top end and can pull higher gearing. The WR450's will be out soon and should be even better as they are a little lighter than mine with E-start.

Good Luck,


Hi Hmd5859,

Welcome back to the fold! The XR650R is a great bike and is IMHO the most versitile bike for all around riding. I believe that the weight diferences between the DRZ/KLR and the XR are minimal...but not the power! The only concern is for extreamly slow putting. When I ride with my daughter and her XR70R, the Big Pig can get hot. I have the 1.8 radiator cap and this seems to compensate (i.e. no boil-overs). Have fun riding with your son. I have a grin that lasts all week long after riding with my kids!

XR650 is a solid, and very reliable bike.........just a bit heavier than the WR, and a little less in the line of a "high performance" engine. But dang, you cannot beat the reliability of those XR's, my buddy rides one and rails the hell out of it. Plus, if your not into all that "maintenance", then your XR's will keep you rolling with little wrenching.

Just be true to yourself on what kind of riding your planning on doing. You really cannot go wrong with any of the bikes out there today............some just require a little more TLC.


Dodger :):D

I rode the XR650R for a year until I got a WR, so you know where my bias is. The XR is very reliable and fully capable as a dual sport bike. I wouldn't go as far as saying it is the most versatile bike out there. Try jumping at an mx track you can do it but it is allot of work. They are awesome for desert or trail ridding, and don't need much wrenching.

I also have the opportunity to ride a DRZ for work and they seem to be very capable trail bikes, little heavier than the WR but not as heavy as an XR650. The suspension on the DRZ is good for trails, but I wouldn't take it jumping too much. And the electric start version is nice and comes with a key so no one will be stealing it from a parking lot.

The WR is also a good ride I have mine street legal I ride trails, and MX I feel it is the most versatile bike out there, that's why I bought it. It is a capable MX bike, and the suspension is pretty good on trails, with enough power to zip down the highway.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of these bikes. The real question is what type of ridding are you going to be doing, and how much do you want to spend. Take your time and you will be happy no matter what bike you pick.

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