04-06 Same carb?

I searched but could not find the answer, Is the carb on a 04 yz450F the same carb on a 06 yz450F?


Not exactly, no. They are both 39mm FCR's but the two carbs are a bit different in some key ways.

Why, exactly do you ask?

I need to send off a carb to get bored, only thing is the 06 carb has not arrived yet.

I was hoping I could send off the 04 carb get it bored put it on the 06 race bike, then put the 06 carb on the 04 stock bike

One of the differences in the two carbs is that the '04 has no leak jet, so accelerator pump tuning is different with that carb. I'd advise keeping the year models matched up in this case, as the '06 carb is a bit more sophisticated.

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