Number plate backgrounds

Does anyone know who makes number plate background decals for my '07 XR650L? i have a set of L graphics sitting here with V91 on them lol they got the order mixed up and i got L numbers instead of R numbers but they are pretty quick

+1 dirt digits......My L set look great!

What color background you wanting?

Factory Backing has them too...............

What color background you wanting?

Either black or red.

I didn't see plain backgrounds without numbers on these sites.

Ordering preprinted backgrounds without numbers would be be more costly than finding plain precut backgrounds. I have purchased them for my race bikes but I can't remember who makes them or if they are even available for the XRL. I'll keep looking.

What i do for my front plate on my YZ is go to a local print shop and get the thick vinyl and cut myself. 00 YZs didnt come with white backing on front plate so instead of buying a set i just bought a piece. Alot cheaper than buying a set and not to big a hassle to cut and put on. Maybe for a L that might be a way to go for you. GL

It looks like DeCel Works has the preprinted backgrounds that will fit my 2007 XR650L. I'll probably pop for those down the road. They have some nice stuff. My son is sponsored by them and he will have both his race bikes all done up by DeCal Works.

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