Do I still need a new chain?

I know this subject has been beat to death a thousand and one times. I just traded my 07 WR for an 07 YZ 450. The guy broke the bike in very gently and has about 12 hours on the bike. I haven't actually seen the bike because it is about a four hour drive from me, so I had my cousin check it out. I know the stock chain is worthless, but after 12-15 hours of riding with the stock chain, is the damage already done or is there a possibility that the chain wheel and front sprocket are still good? Should I get the new chain or just wait for everything to wear out and get new then? Just asking so I can have the part(s) here when the bike arrives.



the stock chains are like rubber bands they stretch a lot. some people change the chains out before they ride them. with that many hrs on it already i would keep the stock chain on and finish it out when the bike reaches 20-25hrs i would change chain and sprockets. not real sure on sprockets but regina chain is a good choice.


Thats kind of what I thought, but it's always good to run it past the blue brothers.


Regina RX3 or ORN6 chains will be better than stock or any did non o-ring chain. I don't know what they did but the DID ERT-2 doesn't last half as long as the old ERT did. Sprockets-sunstar, afam/tag, pro-taper,which I'll be trying out, are probably the best aluminum sprockets and then there is the Ironman steel sprocket.

the new Pro-Taper sprocket is pretty nice. I have about ten hours on it and it's holding up nicely.

Thanks All, I'll be interested to see what the condition of the stock chain and sprocket is.


its pretty hard to wear out a sprocket unless the chain is far beyond the spec tightness. i ran the stock chain on my 06 for about 20 hours before i ran out of adjusting room, and my sprocket is still in almost perfect condition... i now use a regina orn6 chain and haven't had to adjust it once with over 40 hours on it, and stock sprocket is still in good condition.

I broke the bike in with 1 ride and changed the chain right after!

DID 520 VM X-ring. The stock chain will wear your sprockets quicker. !:applause: Since it's already got 10 hours on them, do what Jake Schmutz says!

its pretty hard to wear out a sprocket unless the chain is far beyond the spec tightness.
It isn't the tension of the chain that wears sprockets, it's the increase in pitch (length between pins) that occurs when the pins and bushings in the chain wear. This can be measured for quite easily as laid out in the manual on page 3-31 (or so), covering chain and sprocket inspection. Basically when any section of the chain measures 2% or more longer than new, it should be replaced.

i thought it was not good to put a new chain on a old sprocket or vise verses it will cause premature ware:excuseme:

It is possible to have a chain worn beyond spec without it having yetr done a significant amount of damage to the sprockets, although that is not normally the case, since most chains wear slower than the OEM YZ chains. You have to evaluate each component on its own merits.

OTOH, it's actually common to have a rear sprocket worn significantly without there being anything at all wrong with the chain, especially with the less expensive aluminum gears. Again, inspecting each component is the way to know.

well i guess ive been wasting money over the years,one of the three wears i change them all.thanks grey:thumbsup:

Didnt there use to be an old legand saying "that when the chain devolped flat spots on top> then it was time to change the chain?

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