Who makes high output lighting stators for the yz426?

I have a yz426 and i need a high output lighting stator for it. I need to run a WR headlihgt, WR taillight and turnsignals. Any reccomendations?

With a 426, you have the option of using the WR426 flywheel and stator combo from Yamaha.

Otherwise, check with Trail Tech.

I have a baja designs stator on mine..absolutely amazing. I went through the whole "wr stator, aftermarket stator, full kit" dilemma, and deicded on baja designs bolt on flywheel/stator cover kit. I picked mine up used on ebay, but am very satisfied...actually more than satisfied with it. I spoke with a few guys on a trail one time who said they had used the wr flywheel/stator in their 426(which they had since sold) and they could use it for the headlight and tail light, but that there wasnt much power being output by it.

Have you though about whatlights you'll be using? (add up the wattage of all of them as if they'd be running all at the same time) that way you can make sure the power you will be putting out will be sufficient. also, a quick note - by using the wr flywheel/stator method, youre essentially going to be powering your coil as well as lights off the same thing, i like my baja designs one because it bolts onto the existing flywheel, so my coil/plug is completely independent of the power being put out the the lights...which i find comforting.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions let me know!


Well the biggest one ive seen so far is only 50 watts. The one im running now is only 45 watts. Why are all the yz426 stators such low power. I need more power. My 55watt WR426 headlight takes 55 watts to run.

Eline and Baja Designs no longer sell the external lighting coil for the YZ426F. It had dual 100W circuits for a total of 200W. I also checked with Trail Tech and they don't offer anything either.

Your best bet is to buy a Yamaha flywheel and stator for a WR426F and install that. The output is 120W which should be more than enough. If your decide to run a battery I believe that you need to modify the WR426F stator slightly. Here's some directions:


I just called all 3 of em and neither of them carry a stator. Im so mad right now i could kill somebody. The guy i bought it from told me the lights quit and that it had a 150watt stator in it. Turns out they never worked becuase its got a WR headlight wiht a 55 watt bulb in it and a stator that only outputs 45 watts.

Can anybody recomend me a headlight that will be bright on 45 watts? Id like to try a 35 watt bulb in the headlight or buy a battery and mount it in there so the 55 watt bulb can run off of it.

actually i just had a better idea. I believe im gonna buy a small sealed battery and a rectifier. then i shoudl be able to run my h4 headlight for a while.

WR stator is the only way to go. Peak output is 130 W with the WR flywheel and stator. The extra flywheel inertia is key in gaining light output. Look for the 2000-2002 WR400-WR426 setup, older model (1999) is only 80 W. I bought the stator, flywheel, wiring harness, and CDI off of Ebay for about $200.

Another idea is to run a 35W H4 bulb in your WR headlight and pick up a Trail Tech SCMR16 helmet light with batteries for $350. The helmet light will be plenty to ride by.

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