Power Now carb wing?

Hey guys, is anyone using the "Power Now" carb wing as advertised recently in the bike rags? If so does it give alot better bottom to mid response or is it a load? Thanks


I guess you should be the first one to try it. Maybe then we could name it the wrdave mod. What do you think? If the wrdave mod works we would all have to get one and than you would be famous like Taffy.


[ April 19, 2002: Message edited by: bman ]

I orderd one yesterday, Dave at Power Now is back logged and said he will ship in about 3 weeks. Will post after install and rides.

Ride Safe, Ride Often and Have Fun :)

what is it?

GOOGLE search engine didn't recognize it...

It's on page 20 of the May "Dirt Bike" issue and again on page 75. I didn't invent it so it wouldn't be right to claim it as my mod. The article says you can order one at Worldpower@earthlink.com .

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