Uncorking an 05 wr450f

how do I uncork a 2005 wr450f? Once done, is the prcess reversable?

1) Replace throttle stop with YZ

2) Re-jet

3) Remove airbox snorkle

4) Remove pea shooter in baffle

5) Remove AIS (more optional especially in Kalifornia)

Review the "sticky's" at the top of this forum to see what other people have been doing as far as jetting.

All is reversable but the pea shooter removal (I believe).

Thank you.

There is no airbox snorkle on the 05. Take the side plate off the right side of the bike and you will see three oval patterns in the box. use a Dremel and cut them out.

You can do the YZ throttle stop, or cut your existing throttle stop.

Grey wire mod is a must.

You can buy an AIS removal kit and remove it. Then if you need to put it back on, you can.

You can buy a PMB tail pipe and that will help.

You can also remove the 1st baffle on the muffler. But removing the baffle is not reverseable.

i had a snorkel on my '05. maybe your's was removed by your dealer, or someone else. i had to remove mine when i bought it.

uncorking is easy. just follow the instructions in the stickies above.

stock 05 comes with snorkle.........:applause:

get a stock YZ450 pipe that someone had removes from their mx bike

I stand corrected. Mine didn't have it. :applause:

pull the end cap off the muffler than pull the screws out of the baffle and than replace cap back on the muffler. than take the snorkel off the air box. and get the jd jetting kit and jd will tell what you which ones to put in and it will run like a mother.

Buy the AIS removal kit and install per the instructions. Install a Zip Ty air screw and turn it out 2.75 turns. This is all you need to do. Haven't touched my carb in 2 years and have no issues Riding from sea level to 4000' Great power, no popping, 30mpg, no overheating. 3000 miles on bike (06')

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