Thinking about going to a YZ 250F. Please give me your thoughts

A little advice sought from the wise ones:

I’m think of selling my 00 WR 400 and buying a used 01 or 02 YZ 250F. I love my WR and its still going strong, but after 2 years it still feels heavy to me. It seems hard to turn on the MX tracks and I think I could use stiffer suspension. I have done all the YZ mods and have had the suspension stiffened through a revalve job (kept the springs the same). I have ridden a buddy’s RM 250, and weight wise it felt great. Much more fun for me. But I still want my four stroke power delivery.

I haven’t ridden the 250F yet but I have a friend who said I could spend some time on his to get a feel. I am 6”00 180 lbs. I have talked to some guys plus checked out this issue on 250F board, its seems like most guys who are my size and have made the switch are extremely happy. To be honest, I’m not sure I use all of my power now. So I’m thinking less power won’t be that much of an issue except for the sand. I don’t even do that much high speed flat out riding. I’m also thinking YZ instead of WR, because think I am trying to make my current WR into a YZ anyway. Plus, on the MX track there are lots of times when I’m too high or too low in a particular gear and just can’t get it right. For the trails I just back the clickers off some and put my big tank on.

It seems like the switch would be more fun. I just hope I don’t have to forfeit my rights to coming to the WR and YZ 400 boards. I’ve got too many friends here. Fire away with your thoughts. Thanks

Hey Harold!!

Long Time Dude!

Get the 250F, w/ a Vortex and maybe a pipe. You won't be sorry!

You will not miss the girth of your 400. I know I wouldn't.

Let the old timers chime in here. Harold, I have been thinking the same thing about my old 99 but, I figure the weight and power difference is not enough to buy a 426. I don't think I'll ever sell my 99, I have been considering adding his little bro to the stable and yes, it'll be the YZf. Then it'll be a baja kit and motard wheels for the 400 and a 420 kit :)


Thanks for the replies. I guess I will have to ride one to really decide but I like the idea of less weight.

Kevin- how are you. Yes it has been a long time. I'm comming off of some ankle injuries from overshooting a jump. So I haven't ridden in a while. Plus job situation is tough now so just more bs. But I can't wait to get out. Man it would be great to see you guys again.


If you're looking for a four stroke feeling (similar to the WR grunt), you won't find it in the 250f. The 250 needs to be ridden like a 125, that's why it has a 13,500 RPM redline. If you're hell bent on staying with four strokes, that's cool, but if you want grunt and light weight, try the KX250. I know, sounds horrible of me, but when I went from an XR400 to a KX250, I couldn't beleive the similarities, except for the weight...

Anyway, the KX has massive bottom end (that's before adding flywheel weights), and weighs like the 250f. Well, that and it puts out way more power...

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