E Button/Kill Button Info

I don't know if this has ever been discussed before but recently during a practice lap before a race, my '05 WR 450 suddenly started running poorly, missing and back firing to the point it finally stopped running and wood not restart.* Had to use my son's bike for the race.

Back home it took me a while to figure out the problem.* When I turned on the "on" switch, the bike would try to start.* When it did start, I could hear the starter motor spinning and the bike would run poorly.* I eventually traced the problem to the e button.* Two plus years of riding and washing corroded the inside of the switch.* Unplugged the e button and the bike ran fine again. Had to use the kick starter for a while - terrible thing.

The point of this thread.* If this ever happens to anyone during a race or on a trail ride and unplugging the e button makes the bike run again, you can use the kill button as an e button.* The plug behind the number plate is identical to the e button plug so just pull out the e button and plug in the kill button.* I am actually using a kill button now on the right side because thats all my Yamaha dealer had in stock. Just be aware that the wires are alittle shorter on the kill button.* FYI

that's a nice idea. maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to put some dielectric grease on the insides of those switches.

I know on the '07 the kill and start buttons use different plugs. I broke my start button and the dealer here screwed up and ordered the kill switch.

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