whatever happened to a small project

Have you guys ever started a project that all the sudden turns into a huge overhaul. A CRF upgrade on a 650L tuned into new forks, oversized rotor, new front master cyl,new lights, new gauges, new wind screen. Not to mention the rewiring and routing of cables oil lines, speedo sensor brakets, turn signals. Dont know if i will ever finish. Have you done a small modification and coulnt stop.:applause:

Here is what mine is looking like.



You mounted the oil cooler on the forks? Wouldn't that be hard on the lines in the long run, and lead to faster wear? Just wondering...

Have you guys ever started a project that all the sudden turns into a huge overhaul?

Nah, never.

Every time!:applause:

Thump. The oil lines are not in that much of a strain for mostly street riding. If I was going lock to lock all day long I would worry a little. The lines have been on there since june and they dont have any chafing. Using a good quality line is a plus too. Besides they are easily accessable and visual inspection is a piece of cake. So replace if needed. Look at them every oil change and your good to go.

Velly nice fab work!

Uh yeah, try putting an xr650r motor into a trx450r frame :applause:

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