Missed a deal of deals 650L anyone get one?

Wasn't in the market for a 650L, but a deals a deal. There was a dealer in Ohio selling new 05 xr650L's advertised $2750, no that's not an error. The otd price being 3100 something.(I can't remember the exact quote, because I was too astonished):applause: Of course you'd have your tax, title and plate on top of that when you brought it to your state or there if you live in Ohio. But still you are looking at about 3500 give or take for a brand new L.:cry: They said they had 3, of course I just missed out, was anyone lucky enough to get one. Maybe they were flood bikes from the south, Katrina (wasn't that O5??) :)

I got my 07 last fall for $3999 new on the showroom floor. I was actually at the dealer to buy a used CBR600RR for race bike. I couldn't pass it up but now I need to find a new track bike for this season.

WoW that is a SUPER deal!!! that sucks you missed out..

Maybe you can PS him a good deal!:applause:


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