Applied top clamp

Looking at a picture online, it appears to only be one bolt each side at the fork clamp? Does anyone own one of these? Did I see it correctly? Thanks in advance! :)

Which picture is that?

I just placed the Applied top and bottom clamp on my bike and the fit is clean, clean, CLEAN.

The top clamp has 2 bolts per leg, while the lower clamp has 3 bolts per leg. The factory headlight mounts fit perfectly. In addition, you can add handlebar height and forward position very easily.

I run a Panoram computer. If you remove the stock odometer from the bracket, turn the bracket upside down, and mount the Panoram to it, the mount configuration fits the Applied clamp perfectly as well. The place milled into the clamp for a number plate will hold the left side of the bracket. The right side is free-floating, but doesn't have much weight on it. I haven't had a problem yet.


I was looking at click on catalog and type clamp in the search box, then click on applied big bar clamp kit, go to page 2 and scroll down to WR250F clamp kit. I dont think this is the top clamp I'm looking for.

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