Retracting sidestand

I have just bought a 2003 WR450 and the side-stand automatically retracts when the bike is lifted. Is there any after-market gadget I can get that so that the stand retracts only when I give it a kick? Just worried about kids around the bike. Thanks for any pointers.

wack a washer in there so it stiffens it up a bit.

My '03 250 and '05 450 don't do what yours does. Maybe Austrailian version only?

mine does not do that either, nor do 3 others that i know of. Take a look at your kick stand. Sounds like something is wrong with it, or someone put a tighter spring on it. I am thinking a weaker or little longer spring may remove the auto action on it.

Can you post a picture of it? Never heard of that before :applause:

Was looking at a new husky the other day tipped it from the side and WACK right on the shin!! But iv'e never seen a Yamaha do this.Must be a euro thing??

Oh ok you are from OZ.

The spring bends over a little lug, just remove the lug, problem solved.

hello mate, mine's an '06 uk model & it's the same as yours. I agree that it can be a pain, you've only got to take a little of the weight off the bike & the stand flips up. Can be awkward when you're working on it too.:applause:

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