cant believe it


Looks like extreme fun and suprisingly on road bikes

Being IN Africa we dont understand Snow or Ice

Very Cool...I don't think I'll try that with mine though...

Bonzai :)

That would be a real short ice race in GA Yamazuki :)

Got That Right.....

Bonzai :)

Man that looks fun as heck! Reminds me of snow mobil riding as a kid, except it looks much more fun! It is probably a good thing I am older [more fragile now] cause iffin I weren't well...... I think I'd give it a try.

I usto ride my Suzuki 125 to school in the snow in the early 70's. That was fun. 400x18 Pirelli, 13 tooth CS sprocket and a high rev expansion chamber. My "buddies" usto put the bike on top of snow piles made by the snow plow and I would have to drag it down to start it. Ahhhhhhhh those were the days. :)

WOW!!! Very nice!!!!! No that wouldn't be much fun...

Ice racing is really fun to watch.

It was very popular up here in Canada in the 70's.

Glad to see it's still around.

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