more pics of my 08

bike looks good-is that an SDG step seat? How do u like it?

yes it is,i have not tried any other step seat so i cant really say how it compares but i have been very happy with it.ive had them on my last three bikes and the foam holds up really well and are very comfy:ride:

Exactly. I find at least one late YZF with its chain too tight almost everywhere I go. It's one of the primary reasons they break hubs.

The spec is 1.9-2.3, just like the man said ( I won't run it tighter than 2), and that looks loose to most people. But it's right.

Its unreal how people dont read a manual, everywhere i go people tell me mine is to loose I just smile. Hey Gray have you seen my new track I had built pics are on page 1 and 2 when you coming east?

i wanna ride:cry: :applause:

thats an awesome looking bike man! dont even get me started about wanting to ride its about 20 degrees out right now.

Theres a foot a snow on the ground, i hate Canada!

great lookin bike. im jealous. i love the look of the white and red on the 08 bikes

:applause::):cry::banghead::foul::eek: :eek:





:eek: :eek: :bonk::mad::eek::p:crazy:

A wee bit short in that landing!!!!!!!! nice pics and nice bike!!!!! You wont be disappointed with your Enzo suspension...Mine works excellent on my 08...good choice!

I just sent my KX suspension up to ENZO this week...did you get the subtanks or any of their coatings?

yes im getting the sub tanks,revalved for my weight, rider ability,stiffer springs

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