wr426 suspension

I just bought a 426 and find it way tall. Any thoughts on lowering it a couple of inches? Eastern woods riding in the mountains is my target and I want to get a foot down. Also what about gearing down for even more bottom end? :)

As far as suspension go's You can raise your front forks 5mm out of the tripple clamps and you might want to soften your rear suspension alittle. This all depends on what your riding conditions are. Now the low end you need to advance the timming (yz timming) and possible go to a 52 or 53 tooth rear sprocket. Most people on TT suggest a 53 but I got plenty of pwr from a 52. Also add a pipe!!! this will give you so much range you might get scared. I Don't know what you've done to the bike, so all of this may not apply? Need a little more info on your bike to really be able to give some tricks.

My bike was lowered 2". It turned a lot tighter and was easier to deal with during steep sections. Race tech sells shorter fork springs. The stock shock spring stays. They shorten the stroke inside somehow. I probably should have left it lowered since I don't do motocross but do a lot of trail riding.

If you go with the YZ timming I would recomend a 14/52 rear. This is what I ended up keeping on mine. I tried A 13/50, 14/53, and 13/52. 14/52 seem to give me a happy medium for trail ridding. It gives you a nice, nice low for hills and it's still allws for nice medium for open trails. I my self don't need To ride 50+ mph so all I wanted was to find that right low/medium ratio. I was able to try a combination because a friend of mine went a little over board and bought 13/53 and created a bulldozer. He took them off real quik a said I could have them (he went back to stock 14/50). So the game began with the mission of finding that right ratio. I took some time, and a couple of trips but settled with the 14/52. GOOD LUCK!

Needed to add a little more info. A 13 front will cost you $13-15, and a rear will cost you $30-40 bucks. You can buy a thirteen front take it riding. Change it in the middle of the ride (day). This will only take 5 to 10 min. to do. This is a lot easier than changing the rear. You will get a faster result. Just a couple of veiw points to look at!

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