High Mileage Bikes, who's got the highest???

I'm curious if the higher mileage guys are using synthetic or dino. NOT starting an oil debate, just wondering if there would appear to be a difference in engine longevity between the two different types of oil.

I use Rotella for the most part. I have also ran Mobil's diesel oil. My commute quite often leaves me sitting in traffic, in summer, road surface temps easily top 130º. 2004 L, no oil cooler, Dave's mods, E2 can, Uni filter. 31k, uses about 1/2 quart of oil per 1000 miles.

I believe my friend with the 70k+ XR650L does not use synthetic, just mineral oil.


Depends on failure mode, riding conditions and a host of other variables too.

Pray tell, what does 'failure mode' mean anyone?

PS: I have 11,000 Kilometers on the XRR, which is my dry commute, distance riding /recreation bike.

I have 55,000 Kilometers on my KDX250SR, which is used for dry/wet commutes, going to the 7-11 to buy six-packs, etc. Apart from the KiPS blowing up one afternoon and needing a whole new top-end, it is still (fingerscrossed) going strong. If an old (circa '94) two-smoke can get haul my heavy a## all that way, I have Great Expectations for the PIG.

Pray tell, what does 'failure mode' mean anyone?

Failure mode: mode of failure; the way in which something failed; how it broke.

Headtrauma, thank you. I should have paid more attention during English class at school.

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