WR 400 TPS (cut the grey wire MOD)


i have 04 450 that i removed the grey wire under the tank as well as the throttle stop Mod as discussed in this forums. i also installed a JD jetting kit and the bike lost its off idle bog.

my question is about my 2000 wr 400. i cut the throttle stop on the carb but never removed the grey wire under the seat. why?? becuase i couldnt find a grey wire. does the earlier model wr 400 have a wire for the tps that needs to be removed like the 04 WR? if so what color is it and where is it located. i couldnt find anything in the threads on the older wr 400 nad the only grey wire under the tank is to the kill switch.

The grey wire on my 01 is under the tank just to the left side of the bike. It is in a two wire connector with a black wire. Was your 04 in a 6 pin connector?

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