Works connection skid plate fit

So i got a works connection skid plate for my 07 and it is a pain in the ass to get lined up!! anyone else have any problems getting it lined up, any tricks? any help would be appreciated thanks!

try getting the back bolt started first then get a small screwdriver through the skidplate into one of the front mounts and pry it forward to get one of the front started after this is should be easy. The first time was a pain but for some reason after that it goes on and off real easy and fits really tight. Good luck!:applause:

I had to "unbend" mine a bit. as if the curve to match the frame was a little bit over done..but after that first fit, it comes off and on pretty good...just dont crossthread the screws!

Yep, I had the same problem, start the back screw, keep it loose and then get the front started, it'll fit OK

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