xr 500 - blowing out oil

i looked at xr 500 today - it seemed to have plenty of power. However, it was blowing a little oil through the exhaust. Can anyone tell me what the problem could be? How much would it cost to repair. the owner is asking $400 as is - if the problem is minor and not too costly - is it worth it? Thanks


Maybe I'm the one making the mistake here, But I think you've got your wires crossed. 'Cause I've never heard of a XR500.

The first half of your first sentence is absoletely correct. :)

Honda made the XR500 in 79 & 80, and the XR500R from 81 to 84.


The smoking could be the valve stem seals are bad but if the bike has a lot of miles, it's probably a combination of worn rings, valves and the valve seals. don't know what the shop cost will be but it won't be cheap. Hit your local dealer and ask and that will give you an idea.

A compression check will tell you if the valves and rings are bad.

I have a manual for the 83, so if you need info, E-mail me.


I had the top end of my XR500R freshend last year by Baja Designs. They told me in addition to what you have heard here

rings, valves, seats... that there is an o'ring under the valve seat, if not replaced it will blow oil by. When right the bikes are bullet

proof. I rode mine for 17 years before I had the top end done.

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