XR600 carb help

Did some searching no luck. Have a 97 xr600, got it used a few months ago. Hard to start but a quick shot of starting fluid and it fires. Problem I am having is it will hiccup and die at idle. If I blip the throttle or rev it a bit it will stay running, let it down to idle and it will die after about 3-10 seconds. Happens when choke it off. Also it will slightly backfire one or two times on decel. Lean pilot? PO cleaned the carb I was told so I GUESS it is not a dirty pilot (to cold to pull it apart right now) Air screw? How many turns out stock (no manual to check)? What is everyone running for a pilot? I did take her for a quick hoot of a ride in 8" of snow yesterday. :applause: Runs great other than idle, cough, hiccup, decel pop what ever the "proper" name is for the condition.

could be a lean pilot if its poping on decel but also bump your idle screw up since it sounds like its not idling well and this can contribute to hard starting. Once you get it to idle see if its easier to start.

What pilot you got in it and where is the screw set at now?

Ah yes, the old XR600 "cough and croak". Probably lean jetting. Stock jetting for the '97 is 152 main, 62 pilot. If you have uncorked the muffler and removed the air intake snorkel, try a 158/65 combo, you might need more. The fuel screw should be 2 to 2 1/2 turns out, more than that to get a good idle, pilot is too lean, less, pilot too rich. Setting the idle on the high side will help.

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