Irony and cam covers

ever went to go and do some maintenance, but found the simple problem right away and rather than going with it (tightening a loose bolt etc) you dive in too deep and then flounder. That is what happened to me last evening as I went to replace what I thought was for sure a leaking cam cover gasket on my project 93 XR650L. found several loose bolts, but rather than tightening them I went on to remove and replace the gasket anyway. Come to find out the gasket is new! and the bolts being loose must have caused the weep. but ol dummy here tries in vain to remove the cam cover with engine in frame, and get the exhaust valve rocker arms hanging out in front, and me generally fumbling it like a monkey F***ing a football, finally got it back on and am going to just torque to spec. Sheesh, the dumb ass things I get myself into. Can't leave well enough alone ya know!

That valve cover comes off easily with carb and manifold removed.

carb is off and on the bench for the Dave's mods, rejetted it alreay toa 55 pilot and 158 main (was completely stock) drilled the slide and all that is left is to get a washer from radio shack for the needle. When I get it back together I will post pics and also do a comparison between it and my 05 which has a DJ kit in the carb.

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