Bike Shoes/Wheel Shoes/ Bike Boots?

I know there are some pople out there using bike shoes. There are several brands now too. Or at least copies of the original ATK Bike shoe. What brands are out there and which work best? What are the going rates?

I'd like to get 1 or 2 to mount on a removable board or something to ease loading and unloading. What set up is working for you? What improvements would you make?


hey whats up, i recently purchased an A.T.K. bike shoe and so far it works like a charm. it kinda bothered me about how much pressure went on the tire but it seems to be ok.

most road trips i take are about 400 - 600 miles and no problems at all ... good luck with whatever you choose.


Just a word of warning: Don't trust them completely! I recommend bungie-cording the lockdown lever AND using a couple of tie-down straps from the footpegs to the floor (towards the front). I use and build bike shoes, but weird things happen in/on trailers and losing your bike at 70mph would be a bad thing and your first clue something was wrong...

I also don't like the extreme stress they place on the rim, bearings, axle, steering stem, etc. when used by themselves. Awful lot of torque there, and a muddy rear tire can still slide all over the place... :)

Just my .02

How much do you make them for?

I have two ATK Bike shoes mounted in the back of my Patio Hauler 5th wheel - the things work great. I've only had one problem with one the bikes coming loose and it was my fault. I use tie downs on the foot pegs and this time I goofed and ran them towards the rear wheel instead of going foward with them. The bike came out after 8 miles of logging roads and was leaning against the side wall of the trailer. Otherwise I think they are great. You can get them from Chapparral for ~$70 each.


I've had mine for over 10 years! Work great,but i still use tie downs to secure the side to side movement. As mentioned, i to think that it's alot of pressure with just the wheel /axel taking all of pressure of side motion. I don't compress the forks with the tie downs, just secure them.

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