XR650L 1/4 mile times

Just curious if anyone has brought their "L" to the strip and if so, what kind of 1/4 mile time, speed and mods? Curious about the "R" too.:applause:


mine runs 10.47 @ 99 LACR raceway www.lacr.com

mine runs 10.47 @ 99 LACR raceway www.lacr.com

You all stock?

yep and hauling 345 pounds too!!! How ya like me now?????

mine runs 10.47 @ 99 LACR raceway www.lacr.com

1/8 mile,right?

That's GOTTA be 1/8 mile.:applause:

LOL im busted!!! just messing and posted something silly to get it to the top. Dont know if ive ever read about someone draggin a BRP????? Well see though, brother in law does work at the drag strip in California raceway....bet i could get in for free...

Then quit talking :applause: and get your bike down there!!

I actually believed Mr Denn10, I'm too gullible. From zero to 40mph my pig will leave most Harley posers. Good enough for me.

i made a post about it

1999 650L

Stock motor with me on it weighs 495 lbs i weigh 150

It has correct jetting and the disc white bros pipe on it.

it ran a best of 13.87 at 89mph with no front fender, no mirrors (makes a huge difference on the top end, I gained 5 mph trap speed by removing them)

Now it has a JE 11:1 or 12:1 piston, cant recall which, and hotcams stage 2 cam.

ran 13.2 first try, then the clutches started going out.

my brother before mods ran consistant 14.0 (no fender, mirrors...) so id say that is what most people could get out of the older model stock.

It was worn out when we did this, tons of hours on it, but hey, its an xr.

see i was close!!!! LOL

Thanks for that info. I was going to guess about 14.0 at 90 mph.

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