yz426, stock yz pipe or stock WR pipe modded?

Ive got the stock YZ pipe and ive got the Unmodded WR pipe on it now. The machine feels and sounsd choked up. I think im gonna drill some holes in the airbox and i want to know what the best can for it would be. What would be better...OEM YZ cannister or modified WR cannister?

If you're not riding mud or water, don't bother drilling holes in the airbox, just take the lid off. As for the pipe, if the OEM YZ pipe fits then you should just use that. Why bother drilling or modifying things if you don't have to?

Keep in mind that the extra exhaust flow will probably require you to re-jet.

Don't drill the air box. If it has the WR airbox, remove the "lid". If it's a YZ air box, it has no lid.

The WR pipe can be improved by removing the serviceable baffle section. The YZ pipe will perform somewhat better, but it will be louder.

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