More top speed/Baja 140/Mr.Smith

Is it worth keeping the stock o-ring chain when using a S.Steel sprocket?I want to go to a 40 on the rear and the chain/bike has 170 miles on it.As I recall up 1 tooth in front = 2 or 3 in the rear.Is the an advantage to acheiving my higher speed by changing the counter shaft sprocket instead of the rear?

Did my first long ride here in Baja Sur Sunday.Of all the people in the world to run into,me and my 2 buds cross Malcom Smith and company.No kidding.

We ended up following them.Well that turned into following their path.Let me tell you,he did not take the path of least resistance.He blazed a trail (first bike through) over and through terrain that could hardly be walked over,since the hurricane last October here.We considered turning around,but were in so deep it seemed to be a 50/50 chance of it getting us to a more reasonable terrain.So we carried on.I have been far and wide around the block.But this last weekend ride for me was epic,and one that we will never forget.My hat goes off to the trailblazer.Without tire tracks we never would have made it!

For Baja I would hang as much gear as possible on my wr.

16/40 would be fine.

You never know who you'll meet there.

If you want to run a ss sprocket, fine, but running a o-ring chain makes life easier as far as maintenance goes.

Malcom, sweet! :)

Never met the legend myself. Hope to someday even though Im sure I would trip all over my tongue trying to speak to him.

Sounds like a fun ride to boot! :D

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Cowboy, no need to switch to a 40 tooth rear sproket. Just buy a 15 tooth counter shaft sproket and leave the rear stock. In my opinion their is no way in hell a WR will pull that much gear(40 tooth rear). If you are doing rides that follow Malcolms tracks you may want to think about changing to a 13 tooth counter shaft. For Baja I run a 15/50 and it bogs in sand. If you really want to haul ass you may consider an XR 650. Happy Trails, Eric

I can see how the two subjects contradict.Following Mr.Smith was more of an unplanned event.The stock gearing was perfect for the arroyos minus dirt(rocks only),and hillside landslides we passed through.My gearing question was based on planned events.Such as the Dos Mares 500K.Thats 300 miles.We will pre run next w/e.A lot of the races here are long and fast.I did consider an XR.

Is anyone else running tall gears,with luck,good or bad?

Thanks for the input!

I ran 15/42 when I rode 1400 miles there with a tour over christmas.

I could still pull the rev limiter in fifth.

It felt like I could run more gear, It felt like I could pull it.

It would still bring the front end up by twisting the throttle in 4th at about 60mph.

I ran no stearing damper though.

This bike will walk a standard derestricted xr650.

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