WR426/450 questions

I am looking at buying the new WR450 when it comes out, but I have a couple of questions I hope the list can answer.

First is seat height; I am 5'8, ride in the mountains and like to touch the ground from time to time. Is there a kit to lower the seat height?

Second question relates to the plastic radiator shrouds. I have been riding XR's for years, and have a bad habit of bouncing my bike off rocks. I'm planning on adding a radiator gaurd, but the WR's plastic bits look pretty vulnerable. Do they tend to get ripped off in trees, or is that a needless worry?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Seat height: I've only sat on a YZ 450, and it did seem tall, I'm guessing the WR will be nearly identical. You can't expect to shave any more seat foam off since there isn't much there to begin with. You may have to lower the suspension. Make sure you set the sag, especially if you are under 160 lbs.

Shrouds: Needless worry. Welcome to the modern age of water cooled dirt bikes. :)

In my experience, the only time I've ripped shrouds of is on a crash when I'm no longer on the bike. If you rip them off while still ridiing, your knees are gonna be in sorry shape! Maybe a few other parts will be hurting too!

As for the seat height, I can't help you much there.

Thanks for the response.

Crashes are my main concern, although I did put a tree through my calf last year. :) Yes, I WAS wearing my riding boots. Broke off inside my leg, had to have surgery to remove it. Didn't fall off the bike though.

Maybe less enthusiasm and/or more skill is called for! Naw, more power.

Radiator shrouds on the Yamahas are pretty strong but you can get radiator gaurds to strengthen it

As to the WR450 nobody has one yet and we are all guessing

But from the WR400 up already they are all fairly tall bikes

As Rooster13 says if you rip your shrouds on a tree I think your medical bills will be far higher than your cost of new shrouds

moral of the story :) "Dont ride into trees"

Cant wait for the WR450

My son has a WR426 he is 5'9" and has no problems riding it, but he is a strong kid. the seat height seems about the same as my XR400. The new WR450 w/e-start button should be awsome. good luck. ps..The only thing he has broken so far is a rear fender, it's a tough bike. :)

The rear fender of the WR is unbelievably expensive :)

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