Jones Creek or Brown's Camp this weekend?

Anyone going? Anyone not mind the color Yellow :) I'd like to hook up with someone who knows the trails because I'm new to this area. I guess Jones Creek shuts down 1 Nov. I'm open for suggestions. I haven't done any riding(except cow pasture) since just before I left CO in July, and I just gotta get out of the mother-in-law's house for a day. I'm positive I'll feel like a new man! :D

Not possible this weekend. But there are more than a few TT'ers who ride up there regularly. I'll post if we ride there next weekend.

I'd go and just hook up with some one in the parking lot. Or stop and get a map at one of the small stores on the way up.

Don't listen to Oatmeal Pie, he is full of, well, oatmeal pies. Todd, when are we gonna ride again? I am going to Jones this weekend, then am tied up the next two. I haven't ridden in a record 40 days. Just got done coaching football, now coaching basketball. Major impact on moto-time.


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