Top Triple Clamp Off-Set

I was running with some small rubber strips between my bars and my triple clamp to deaden any vibration, and I stripped out the threads on one of the handlebar mounts on my stock top triple clamp. Instead of tapping it out, I found a triple clamp on E-bay, so I bought it. Thing is, and it even said it in the damn ad, that this triple clamp had a different off-set, and that this new triple clamp will move the handlebars bars forward. I did not think it would make any difference, but it does! My Scotts damper will not fit!

The handlebars are now 1.5 cm further forward, which is nice for my 6'3" frame, but the clamp tower and shear pin do not reach the damper. I believe that I can get a different "arm" that I can switch out on the damper, but that will cost.

I just put Jimmy Buttons on last week, and the cockpit is nice, but this 1.5 cm further forward only helps for comfort, but what will the handling characteristics be?

I put the new triple clamp on last night, and I plan on riding this weekend, but it will have to be with out the damper. Will know more by Monday, but does anybody have any input on this?


A friend of mine has the same problem. Scott's basically said Oh Well?, He just purchased their new lower clamp mount. Looks pretty trick....

Bonzai :)

Well, just got off the horn with Scott's, and they said that the bar clamp will have to be changed out. They only make one "arm" so no switching that.

Gotta figure out measurements "A" and "C" from the "I want to buy a damper or a damper kit/Click Here for Off-Road/Find Here how to determine your barclamp"

Click Here

and that should solve my problems (and your buddy's too, Kaz) (Uh, maybe I could READ YOUR POST? Your buddies prob IS solved).

Bought the top clamp for $5.00 off of E-bay, but the new bar clamp will be $65.00.

Can't win for loosing!


PS: Do we know what the handleing characteristics will be with the bars moved farther forward?


All that I had to buy for Rick's YZ was the lower mount (which was very reasonable as I remember) and the special Arm for the lower mount (Dirt Cheap) and used my puller to swap it out. Had to cut a hole in the number plate (Used a Dremmel) and we were done. Took about an hour from start to finish.

Scotts Lower Mount Photo:


We have a friend that is working on a stainless cage to wrap the dampner to guard against branch strikes.

Bonzai :)

I have a 02 YZ 426 top triple that I no longer use. If you want it let me know.

Ranger 426F,

I think that might be my best option.

Please check your pm's.



I just got off the phone with you, and I re-checked the ad from E-bay in which I got my current top clamp, and it is ALSO off of a 2001 426F. So, yours would be exactly like the one that I currently have.

Thanks for the offer though.

If you ever want to go for a ride over in the Wenatchee area, let me know.

Brandon Whallon

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