Anyone seen this seat cover????

Also any good tips on recovering the seat

You're referring to your bike's seat cover aren't you, 'cause it looks like you're show-casing your jeans(a different type of seat cover)in the photo! :applause:

If you can't find another one the same, I say just go for a black gripper cover, they look good on any bike.

For fitting the new cover: Staple the front first, then the rear, then use a heat gun(a hair dryer will work too) to warm it up so that it's easier to stretch and get a tight fit. Staple the middle section on each side and work your way around the rest of it, still using the heat gun. You can remove and re-do any staples to tidy it up a bit if you need to.

Try the Thumpertalk Shop, they have the Ceet range of seat covers listed.

I am about to fit the same graphics as you have. Decided to go with a black seat cover as I think it will look better that way.

Thats my cousin. I dont know what hes doin back there

what kind of staples and staple gun should be used. And what about spray adhesive.

what kind of staples and staple gun should be used. And what about spray adhesive.

You'll need a heavy duty stapler. I use a Black & Decker Powershot, but it doesn't really have the power to penetrate the plastic seat base properly, so eventually I'm gonna get an air powered stapler. I haven't used spray adhesive for doing a seat cover, but you could if you wanted to. I'm just wondering if it'd tear the foam at all when you move around on the seat?

not sure about ripping, I just thought it would help keep it from wrinkling. That is something to think about thou

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