bubbling in radiator?

Hi i have a 2000 426 all standard and when i run the engine weather it's riding the bike or just starting it in garage, the moment i hit the kill switch u can here the rad bubbling????

Would anybody agree it might be head gasket?:applause:

The bubbling sound is because the bike is running hot and the coolant is boiling. Check coolant level first as it may be low, and if it is top it off and closely monitor to see if your losing coolant. Then check you rad cap as it may be loosing pressure causing the coolant to overheat, boil and spew out the radiator. Not sure of the PSI but some people switch caps to aid in cooling and boil over performance. Also, what coolant and ratio mix are you running. Your coolant could be dead and time to replace it?

i'm using all weather coolant from my local spares shop.

the only thing i dont get is it bubbles even if i start it for 10 sec then shut it off, giving it no time to warm up or for the coolent to even raise in temp??

Bad water pump? Air in system?

the bubbling is normal if you ask me. me as well as my buddy both have 2002 426's and they do exactly what you are describing.:applause:

My 2008 does it as well. Usually only when it is warm, but you shut it off, and you can still hear the coolant moving around. Never loses any coolant, never over heats. I think its just part of the way these cooling systems are set up.

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