GYTR Clutch Cover

I am thinking about purchasing a gyt-r clutch cover for my 06 450. Just wondering how they hold up? Does thepaint wear off? I hate the worn look of my stock clutch cover. Any other brands that work better?

I've had them on all my 250/450's and they work great. They don't scratch up nearly as bad as stock. I have a couple that have 2 + years of weekly rides and they still look great. They are cheaper than Hinson or the others, too.

I run all the GYTR clutch components (e.g. hub, pressure plate, cover, etc.) and have been very pleased.

I believe that hinson makes yamaha's gyt-r clutch components so I'd be suprised if yamaha's is much cheaper although it may be depending on the deal you get. They are high quality parts.

The GYT-R is $110. I think that's less than the Hinson, or isn't it?

Yes, the best pricing I've seen on a Hinson cover was $199. GYTR list is less than that and it's pretty easy to find shops that will knock a bunch off retail.

Well than thats a pretty good deal. I usually just call the place I get parts from and have them price out the gyt-r part and the same part from whoever manufactures it. Sometimes gyt-r is cheaper and sometimes the manufacture is.

GYTR and hinson are the same....they hold up don't scratch them. GYTR is cheaper price.

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