XR650R Black Side Panels On Ebay

yeah i seen those too and mentioned it in a post awhile back for some guy who was look for black fenders and figured he could get in contact with those guys to see if they made them. also i think maier usa might make panels and fenders in just about any color you want.

Yeah, thanks. I asked about the black side panels for the XR650L. I emailed the seller to see if they make em for the L model also.

Not spam. If it was a link to a site where YOU were selling, then yes. I'd nuke it. If you were an owner, or someone high up in that site/company, same thing.

I talked with them back in the Fall. Made in China, but claimed they were of high quality. Ordered a set. Suprisingly, not bad. The only downside was the air cleaner holder dealy is plastic, not metal like on the stock one. Not sure that even matters really. Shiny.

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