650L tip over then no go

Doc Dave says (aka Motosportman) drink some ice cold beer, eat pizza, burgers, dogs, chips etc watch TV, rest, relax, work on bike when you can. replace streched cable and bent parts only. Don't waste money on the innners of the clutch it's fine. Change the oil. (why not!?) ride slower in da woods on an L, it's not a repeat NOT a woods bike. Wash your bike and make friends with it again - it is angry with you.

Caveat: DO NOT DRINK and RIDE - drinkin dulls your thinkin.... save it for the bench races (not inferring the rider was drinking).

Yes good advice from Motosprtman.

Rib injuries can take a while to heal up sometime, hang in there and don't push it...springs almost here:thumbsup:

The "L" can be a decent woods bike when setup right but its more rider ability than anything :thumbsup:

Ive got a XR650 and never had that problem b-4, but I did with my XR400. It turned out to be that little knob looking thingie on the end of the shaft that the lever grabs ( funny description huh?). Check and make sure that the clutch is actually engaging when you let out on the lever...sometimes thats the best place to look......once I had a cable so tight that when I turned the bars all the way in one direction it pulled in the clutch and the bike would seem to have no power.... then when I straightened out ....power on....I thought to myself "how does this bike know when its turning?" Duhh

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