oil screen question

ok i have looked at the manual and the oem parts finder and i am trying to figure out how the strainer screen at the bottom of the oil tank works?? i dont actually have one so i am trying to go by the manual and pictures. i am assuming the inlet oil line with the banjo fitting goes directly to the bottom of the oil tank. if that is the case the how does the oil screen fit in there since it has a male thread on it?? the only thing i can think of is that the strainer screws into the bottom of the tank by the male threads, then the banjo fitting goes around the hex part of the strainer, which has a hole and female threads for the banjo bolt to thread into. if this isnt correct can someone tell me how it all goes together?? i am building a custom oil tank and i would like to use the strainer screen to catch the contaminants, thanks.

You are correct, as I am looking at the piks in the service man. also.....

Does it actually show a pic of the female threads in the strainer bolt or the male banjo bolt cause My manual does not show this. I have the xr650 manual you get off the internet for free.

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