Any SoCal riders/riding this weekend?

If anybody has plans to ride this wekend,please let me know.Redrock,cal-city,gorman,lacr,anywhere.

I'd be up for it. Gorman sounds good. How about Sat.

I'll be up in Gorman this Saturday. Taking one of my less experienced friends who is on a DR350S. I'll be meeting another friend and his son. DRZ250 for pops and TTR125 for the kid. These guys are pretty good riders. Were gonna meet at Lower Scrub campground around 9:30 am. I'll be on a Big Blue 01 WR 426 with no stickers. Maybe we'll see you there! Only what 2 weeks till red stickers are no longer allowed at Gorman? I am really thinking KTM EXC 400 I can't stand this red sticker stuff!

Track or trail riding?

Track or trail riding?

Trail. I would like to meet as many TT members as possible. I see tp3dxf is gonna be at lower scrub oak around 9:30 and would like to meet there also. I'll be drivin a white Dodge Ram and will be there around 8:30

Hey, tp3dxf are they inforcing red sticker restrictions up there? I live in San Diego & I ride in Pine Valley/Lake Morena all the time and have never been given a second look.

april 30th is the last day to ride in gorman(tail riding)for red sticker bikes. Looks like tracks only for a while :)

Hey bez and tp3dfx, i will try to meet up with you guys, i got a flat on the rear,going to get a tube tonight on the way home and fix it tonight.I guess

we should get one of our last trail rides before the season closes april 30th in gorman, then it's tracks only for us,if you want to ride.I drive a white ford van(shuttle type).look foward to meeting you guys.

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